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Sonic Dash : Endless Stages, Endless Fun? (Free Download)

Sega has finally announced the very unique new addition to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. While the super fast paced side scrolling platform style has been the trademark style of the game since 1991, an interesting twist will be added to Sonic Dash : the stages will be endless. Read more below and download Sonic Dash here for free.

Have Sonic run over, under, and around stage obstacles and enemies indefinitely for the first time ever, then compare your endurance skills with other players with the in game leaderboard.

Although Sonic Dash will be 3D as is typical of the later Sonic games, the breath of fresh air added by a potentially endless game will excite even the most seasoned veterans of the original Sega Genesis 2D games.  Sega has revealed in a recent blog post that Sonic Dash will be a mobile game initially released for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. There is no word from Sega yet about the game’s development for Android, but one could expect that it will probably be released soon, perhaps depending on the success of the iOS version.

After considering this new endless stage element to the game, real fans of Sonic have either wished for a Sonic Dash from long ago, or wonder how they never thought of this. For years hardcore Sonic gamers have been satisfied competing for the shortest stage completion time. Now the definition of the ultimate Sonic player has been flipped on it’s head, with the new Sonic Dash, there is only one question worth asking :

Just how long can you run?

Click here to download Sonic Dash free the iTunes app store.

  • Sonic_Fan

    Thanks for the link to the free download. I love Sonic. I remember playing it on the Sega, I loved playing Tails.

  • G00GLE

    I did not realize this game was for a mobile download. I will have to download this. It should hopefully be as good as Sega Sonic.

  • G00GLE

    Just played it!! The time flew by. It is fantastic fun. Thank you for the heads up.I would not of know otherwise.
    Now to play more Sonic