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Crysis 3 : Invincible or Invisibility? A Quick Guide.

Crysis 3 was finally released by the German video game company, Crytek, and was met with lots of positive feedback. Playing the role of cyber suit wearing super soldier Prophet (the setting is 24 years after Crysis 2), in the gritty futuristic New York City of 2047.  Although Crysis is the type of game where one is expected to die many times while trying to get past a group of enemies, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Why not enjoy the beautifully detailed graphics? They were made possible by the hard work of the Crytek team as they perfected the CryEngine 3 game engine. Try following a few of these basic guidelines and prevent getting stuck in a loop of frustrating deaths, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy the simulated gentle flutter of an individual leaf on a tree.


These quick tips will probably improve your Crysis skills instantly. You may even find yourself able to stroll or rush through the game even on it’s hardest difficulty, Super Soldier.

After so recently posting the ultimate Far Cry 3 Fast Level Guide , and adding detailed information about the specific reagents of each crafting recipe included in the game with our Far Cry 3 Crafting and Hunting Guide, it was impossible not to feel an intense feeling of familiarity while playing Crysis 3. The fact that the two games may be similar isn’t really bad though, both games have their own strengths, and can be appreciated separately.



    1. Stay constant aware of the energy bar whenever using energy fueled skills like cloaking and enhanced armor. When energy levels is getting low, or worse, empty, STOP and REST.
    1. If you must reload during a close/melee encounter due to neglecting the reload or otherwise it is crucial that Prophet is not completely vulnerable, stay in cover for as as much of the reload as possible. A novice player is likely to become flustered in the heat of battle, completely abandoning cover and firing bullets wildly. This brings us to the next point
    1.  Get in the habit of reloading during convenient times, instead of letting your weapons run out of ammunition and automatically reload. If you can remember that priority, the extra seconds saved during the heat of a battle will probably drastically increase your survival rate on it’s own.
  1. Always use your visor to detect threats before being detected by enemy forces. Enemies will be automatically marked on the mini map and in your vision after running the controller cursor over them from a distant with the visors on.

The general plan for clearing a room while remaining undetected should go as follows:

  • First priority is turning invisible mode on and finding a safe spot for cover.
  • Have look around with your scanner, decide on a back up cover spot in case of detection and target as many enemies as possible from your position.
  • While in cover snipe (the bow is great for easy sniping) the enemies furthest away from you to avoid being snuck up on.
  • Snipe as many enemies as you can killing the one furthest from you and moving closer as long as you can remain undetected.
  • When first detected do not panic! Immediately hit the invisible button and run to your back up cover.
  • Once you regain your bearings, let the energy bar refill itself.
  • Repeat the steps to snipe as many as you can before detection.

The bottom line :

To earn the title ‘super soldier’ in a game like Crysis 3, it’s all about energy management. Choosing the right energy consuming ability at the correct time is what will separate the men and women from the kids in a game where specializing in stealth with extra attention to the HUD and surrounding environment is NOT optional.


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Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

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  • John

    Amazing game but still it’s not a Battlefield 4 but I love shooting enemies with it’s freaking X-Bow 🙂 Download it!
    Thanks for Zootgamer authors.

  • Zombiel33t

    Both are fun to play, but I prefer the graphics of Crysis 3 graphics to Battelfield 4, Battlefield 4 is still decent though. Crysis 3 kills my PC though…. 🙁

  • Shooter

    I do not normally enjoy first person shooters, but I actually enjoyed Crysis 3. I love the silent but deadly bow. It really makes the game.