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Civ 5 : Brave New World (New Expansion Announcement and Predictions!)

Firaxis has officially announced the development of a new expansion pack for the popular Sid Meier’s Civilization 5 series : Brave New World. Civilization 5 already has one other expansion pack, Gods & Kings, that was widely accepted by the gaming community as a great addition to an already fantastic game. First impressions of the new expo is that the Firaxis team may indeed be delivering a brave new world to Sid Meier’s timeless 4X turn based game. We have the latest features to be announced for the game below.
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So far, according to the little that has been revealed on their official site, the Brave New World expansion will add these features :

  • new Civilizations
  • new Wonders
  • new Scenarios
  • international trade will finally be introduced
  • culture and diplomacy will see new gameplay
  • your civ will be able to create ‘Great Works”
  • the ability to choose an ideology to lead your people
  • a World Congress to propose resolutions
Zootgamer’s predictions for the new expansion :

  • Leaders that were alive in our lifetime
  • Right click to leave any screen
  • A better “entire empire management” screen
  • South American civilizations, Australian
  • Better random events
  • More civs specializing in science
  • More pretty resources to collect
  • Some more single player stuff
  • Bigger, more accurate continent maps
  • Bring back Big/Little Islands map (from Civ 4)
  • Pollution/Sickness
  • MUCH MORE FUTURE STUFF (buildings, techs, units, etc)
Check back here for updates on the new features as soon as they are released! Whose excited? What would you like to see added?
Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

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