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A Few Sims 3 Mods To Make Seasons Even More Enjoyable

With the release of University Life, gamers from all over are picking back up their Sims family to try out everything the new expansion pack has to offer. Are you one of the players that took a break after playing Seasons? As we all know, the Sims 3 Seasons added a lot of good, and a few minor annoyances to the Sims 3 experience. While weather and holidays are welcome additions for many, Sims 3 players have been pretty vocal about some of the less desirable changes. Endless forced alien abductions leave Sim men constantly pregnant against their will, at the same time it seems every Sim in town is now obsessed with your Sims, calling on the phone and asking for dates constantly (Whether your Sim is single or not).

Here are a few scripting tuning mods that give power back to the player, allowing you to change or remove the game elements described in the mods below. If you were hesitant about buying Sims 3 Seasons before because of unwanted new changes, this custom content may change your mind. Those looking to take control of their game should check out Nraas’s suite of core and script mods in our Top Nraas Sim 3 Mods Guide.


Click the mod name below to download.


Aliens are aggressively harassing your male Sims. They claim they’re only “probing” for scientific research yet the men are ending up pregnant at the end of their ordeal. Probing my a–! No pun intended. This mod lowers the chance of your male Sim being abducted and knocked up by looking through telescopes and examining space rocks. There are several mod flavors to choose from, the chance can be altered to 0%, something a little more, or the rate of alien abduction can even be increased (but this is an article about making Seasons less annoying).

 Download More/Less Alien Abductions  by SimsAddict777


Umbrellas are breaking almost rainy day. While some unlucky umbrella holders IRL may say this is accurate, it can be a little annoying to repair, or purchase a new umbrella for each of your Sims every single day. This mod stops the breakage. For a nice touch of realism, there is a version of this mod with a bonus feature : If upgrading or fixing an umbrella in the rain, your Sims have a chance of being electrically shocked!


Download Umbrella Tuning (Unbreakable + More)  by WTFeathers

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Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

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  • John

    Awesome Mods!!! It makes game more realistic, thanks for authors of mods! 🙂

  • Lord_

    I agree with John. Geat mods.
    Thank you for the article (with the links) and thank you to WTFeathers & SimsAddict777 for the great mods.

  • N3M0

    Alien abductions! I want more please.This is awesome.
    I like it when my Sims umbrella breaks, I find it funny.

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