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WoW Throne of Thunder For Patch 5.2 : Bosses And Tier 15 Gear

The long awaited patch is finally set to release. With it brings a new region, dungeon, PvP and PvE tiers, mounts, two world bosses, a new kind of Elder Charm, and a lot more new content. Is it enough to keep players satisfied until the next huge patch? Community Manager for World of Warcraft, Micah “Bashiok” Whipple has recently posted some interesting news related to the new 5.2 WoW patch. The latest and final raid for the Pandaria expansion pack is the new Throne of Thunder dungeon.

On the Throne of Thunder sits the ultimate boss, the Thunder King.

Bashiok makes a bold statement about the dungeon, “It’s probably most appropriate to start by talking about the new raid, the Throne of Thunder, as entering and clearing it is the goal for PvE progression.”

 He went on to describe the new raid as “one continuous, sprawling dungeon, each difficulty will open in its entirety once unlocked. ” Adventurers should have no trouble finding the new island, since players will receive a quest automatically that will lead there. Without accepting the quest, the island will still be accessible through a new portal found in your faction’s Shado-pan camp, just along the west coast of Townlong Steppes.It seems Blizzard is shooting for the last week of February as date for the release of patch 5.2. You are definitely going to want to tidy up a few stats beforehand. If you are not yet item lvl 480, there is lots of work to do, since to get into the LFR for the new starter Throne of Thunder content an item level of at least 480 is required.

Preparing for Patch 5.2, and Throne of Thunder from now is the fastest way to the new tier 15 gear and mounts.

As usual before the release of any new patch, begin by farming mats for crafted material, and start cooking up some food and elixirs. Crafted items will always sell faster and for more money as soon as the patch is released, the gold will help to prepare you for the long “last patch winter” as every item becomes less and less valuable.

Ever since Blizzard announced there will be no item upgrades going into Patch 5.2, it has been a priority of the pros to get all upgrades out of the way before the patch is released. Bashiok does offer some hope for the return of PvE item upgrades, he mentions in his post that “Upgrades are likely coming back in 5.3 (at least for PvE), but spending the Valor now on upgrading pieces you don’t expect to replace quickly is pretty safe.”


Throne of Thunder Promises The Craziest New Loot Yet


The all consuming dark “Sha” seems to be the inspiration to both the colorful, and dark designs in the latest armor set screenshots released by Blizzard.


Tier 15 Armor Sets

(Click to picture to enlarge)


All Consuming Maw (Death Knight)
Haunted Forest (Druid)
 Saurok Stalker (Hunter)
 Chromatic Hydra (Mage)
 Fire Charm (Monk)
 Lightning Emperor (Paladin)
 Exorcist (Priest)
 Nine-Tail (Rogue)
 Witch Doctor (Shaman)
 Thousandfold Hells (Warlock)
 Last Mogu (Warrior)

Throne of Thunder Normal-Heroic-LFR Schedule

Blizzard’s set schedule for the new content as described by Bashiok,

“Normal difficulty will be available the first week, then Heroic the week after. LFR will, as usual, be broken up into sub-sections and those will be releasing over time, likely with the first section opening with Heroic in the second week, and a new section each week afterward.”

As of Patch 5.2, the next item on everyone’s loot wishlist will be…

After defeating the bosses of Throne of Thunder ( Normal and Heroic ) they will have a chance to drop an item with the new Thunderforged item designation. Bashiok revealed the nature of this new kind of item, “Thunderforged items are 6 item levels higher than their standard counterparts. Bonus rolls can award a Thunderforged item (again, only in Normal and Heroic),”


But before you start trying on that new gear, it may help to check out the new bosses defending that loot. Lead Encounter Designer for World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas shares some background information and techniques to help in defeating the upcoming challenges he designed for the new raid.

Last Stand of the Zandalari

Jin’rokh the Breaker

The first encounter may be familiar to World of Warcraft veterans. Jin’rok is “one of the Zandalari berserkers living on Yojamba Isle in Stranglethorn Vale, back when the Zandalari were our friends. He was a quest giver in the assault on the original 20-player Zul’Gurub.” After receiving new power from the Thunder king he now uses his “raw strength and channeled lightning” to defend his king.


Waves of monsters will need to be prioritized while keeping tabs on the boss before finishing him in the end phase.

Council of Elders

“he possesses and empowers leaders of four other troll tribes, strengthening their attacks until you can force him out of the body he has chosen to occupy.” More of an indirect fight.


Forgotten Depths



“Fight a huge turtle, and small turtles, and also [players will have] the ability to kick one of the small turtles into the big turtle. What more could you ask for?”


Inspired by the serpent like Hydra fought by Heracles in Greek myth, players will have to fight three separate heads on this scaly ancient beast.


“This fight takes place in a cylindrical shaft containing a large central platform with multiple nests located both above and below that platform. The encounter was designed to highlight the strong vertical elements of the terrain, without adding actual aerial combat which could have felt awkward. For example, players can gain and use a temporary flight ability to switch levels and deal with Ji-Kun’s fledglings before they mature and pose a greater threat to the raid.”


Halls of Flesh-Shaping


Durumu the Forgotten

Lots of eyes, and even more deadly eye beams.


Ion stated that “The actual mechanics of the fight evolved from discussion and brainstorming around the themes of evolution and mutation”, other than that, not much has been released on the mechanics of this saurok boss.

Dark Animus

A fluid called Anima, oozes towards and animates enemy golems, yet as golems are destroyed the fluid will become more spread, animating larger and larger minions until it finally gains enough volume to bring life to the Dark Animus, the “largest of all the golems”. Ion hints at a puzzle solving nature to managing the anima liquid.

Pinnacle of Storms


Iron Qon

The attacks on focused on the mounts. Qon switches between his various quilen, each one representing a certain element that will reflect in it’s attack. Each quilen is to be it’s own powerful phase.

Twin Consorts

The first female Mogu stone statues, artificially created by Lei Shen to maintain equality in the workplace and add to his personal collection of magical guards.

** Lei Shen, the Thunder King **

The infamous Lei Shen, Ion advises gamers to be wary as “his mere presence energizes and activates portions of his citadel’s defenses, and managing those becomes a central element of the encounter.”


Non-pro players will never see this encounter. Ion describes Ra-den as “the ‘Algalon’ of the zone; a bonus boss for the high-end raiders who have finished the main zone progression.” It is said that backtracking may be necessary after completion of the PvE content in order to be eligible for this boss. Most players do not have to worry though, Lei Shen will still be portrayed as the final and most important boss of the zone.

Valor Clearance Sale, and Your Last Chance To Redeem Lesser Charms

Contrary to the initial plans for the 5.2 Patch, Valor points will not be converted to Justice. However, other major changes will still take place. As of Patch 5.2 the weekly quest for turning in Lesser Charms to receive Elder Charms will be removed, Lesser Charms will instead give you 3 Mogu Runes of Fate. These new Mogu Runes of Fate will still be used for gaining an extra roll after boss encounters, but ONLY in the 5.2 Throne of Thunder raid and the two world bosses Nalak and Oondasta. Players will still be able to get Elder Charms from the new Thundering Isle zone, and you may need the extra roll for the 5.0 raids.

Valor Vendors Declare Massive Sale : Everything Must Go !

  • Valor items from patch 5.0 will be reduced in cost by 50%
  • Valor items that were added in the 5.1 ‘Operation Shieldwall’ / ‘Dominance Offensive’ factions will be reduced by 25%.
  • Drop rate  for the 5.0 LFR raids will be increased, the Elder Charm bonus drop chance will also see an increase.
In order to play the new content and raids, the latest expansion for World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria, is required.
  • Glitterati

    My favorite character to play is my hunter “Glitterati”, I can not wait to score one of the new sets. She will look amazing. I am excited for this new patch. I found the latest expansion a bit meh.

  • N00bi

    Pffttt. Last expansion of WoW was highly over rated… I am glad this is only a “patch”, as Blizzard seems to be getting very greedy and calling releases an expansion, when in all reality, they are just a patch…