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Top Realistic Sims in The Sims 3 : Doctor Who Edition

The best and easiest way to add some interest back into your Sims world is sometimes simply adding a new Sim to town. Realistic looking Sims can be difficult to come by, but we have put together a quick list of the the best looking Sims we could find. Put a spark back into your Sims 3 neighborhood with these famous and realistic Sims from all over the Internet.

Mistyblue of ModTheSims has truly done some of their best Sims 3 work to date. Count how many of the Sims below you recognize without having to read it’s name, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. In this edition we will be focusing on the popular British Sci Fi show :

Doctor Who

The cast of Doctor Who is back to cause mayhem in your neighborhood, and stay classy while doing it. Gathered below are the best time traveling Doctors you can download anywhere. Click the name above the Sim’s image to download.

The “Doctors”


Below are last three doctors, as fans of the Doctor know, when the Doctor is severely injured he can heal in doing so changes his identity and  appearance. Everyone has a favorite doctor!


1. The Eleventh Doctor


Actor – Matt Smith


2. The Tenth Doctor

Actor – David Tennant



3. The Ninth Doctor



Actor – Christopher Eccleston



The “Companions” …

4. Rose Tyler

The awesome first companion of the New Who.
Actress – Billie Piper



5. Clara Oswin Oswald


Premiered the during the Christmas Special, you may recognize her as the next companion of the tenth Doctor.
Actress – Jenna Louise Coleman




The Ponds

The first married couple companion of the eleventh doctor, a lovable and highly interesting couple.

6. Amy Pond

Actress – Karen Gillin

7. Rory Williams

Actor – Arthur Darvill
Stay tuned for more realistic Sims to put in your neighborhood.

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Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

A lifelong gamer, master healer, and freelance writer that’s currently making a home of Florida. Follow her on Twitter @PuffTheHealer for the occasional game related rant. Click here to find her articles on Zootgamer.

  • Don’tB1ink

    I have never really been a massive Sims fan. I get bored to easily, but I love Doctor Who. I am thinking about playing. I adore the Ninth Doctor, he was my first and you always love your first Doctor! I think he needs frown lines though. 😀
    Thank you for sharing!

  • H3rrrrrr000

    I wish there was one for Tom Baker, I love his scarf!! I would even be happy with a Tom Baker A.K.A 2nd Doctor scarf mod for my Sim.
    Can someone write that mod for me?

  • Anonymous

    How do you download them?