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The Last of Us : Development Series Episode 1 : Hush

Naughty Dog, or more specifically, the development team behind The Last of Us have announced the first episode of a new series that will go behind the scenes in the game’s development. Area 5 were hired to film the studio’s process from design, to the technologies used in the studio, to actual game production. The game is now set to release on June 14th after a delay was announced by the team earlier this year.

Even though television series are on the decline, and new online shows are popping up everywhere, it is still rare to see a series in the documentary style online or otherwise that is focused on a specific game. For those considering a purchase or pre-order of The Last of Us but still unsure, these glimpses into the mind of the developers may be the extra bit of information necessary to make an informed purchase.

Watch “Hush”, The official first episode for The Last of Us Development Series below.

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    This is an amazing game!! I love it.I enjoy playing it over and over again.