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Sony Announces Huge Price Drop For Vita, Japan Gets a Shiny New Silver Toy

sony vita price dropped announced by hiroshi kawano of sony japanSony released an unusual surprise announcement tonight.  SCEJ Hiroshi Kawano (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president) hosted a special livestream for Sony Japan with lots of interesting news about the Playstation Vita. While the entire stream was in Japanese, has prepared a summary of the presentation translated.

The Sony Playstation Vita will be dropped in price to about 215 USD, or 199980 Yen for both it’s regular and 3G models.

Equally exciting was the news that there is also a new official ice silver colored Vita to be released in Japan, while showing off the new Vita, the opportunity was taken to debut the new Phantasy Online 2 on it’s screen, which is out this summer for Japan.

Also announced was the February PS Plus free games to be released in Japan. Among the many games named was Dynasty Warriors and Uncharted. As an incentive for Japanese consumers, a free week of PS Plus will be given to customers of the Vita between the weeks of 2/28 and 3/18.

After the Sony Vita announcements the live stream continued on previewing and promoting various games.

One can only hope the price change will find it’s way out of Japan quick. This may be just what Sony needs to bring it’s most underrated handheld system back to life. More announcements are sure to be on the way in the coming days about the Vita, stay tuned for the most up to date gamer news at


Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

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  • MarcGrimm

    Did anyone actually purchase a Sony Vita? I had a PSP when they came out, but the Vita did not interest me.