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Sims 3 University Life : Pre-Review and Official Trailer


EA is releasing The Sims 3 : University Life on the same day as the new SimCity game (March 5th 2013) and an official trailer with lots of juicy new content has been released.

Your neighborhoods will get a brand new campus sub-town (similar to the vacation worlds in Seasons but with dorms and a school), similar to the Sims 2 University. Young adult to elder Sims can take an aptitude test when the university school mascot (a llama, of course.) comes to town and is seen near your Sims lot. This aptitude test is based on your Sim’s skill points  work experience, school grades, and personality traits. Passing this test may be important for your young scholarly Sim as it directly affects the amount of financial aid that will be given.

Going to a University will be an important decision for a Sim, affecting their lives in all aspects but especially their career prospects and future success…but this is not the end of the new content to be added with this expansion pack, read below for even more of the confirmed new content to be included in University Life.

What else is new in the Sims 3 University Life?

  • New town for your Sims to live in
  • New interactions for the artistically inclined, including painting a nude subject, and graffiti
  • New CAS (Create-A-Sim) hair and clothing, and buy/build mode items
  • Social connectivity and social media will have a more complex role in the Sims 3 University
  • Sims are now equipped with smartphones to help organize their busy lives and social connections
  • So far a new trait has already been announced : irresistible
  • A new skill has been confirmed : bowling
  • Although it has been stated during the official trailer and on other fan sites that Sims can now protest, Sims were always allowed to join a protest near the local town hall, although protesting on a campus is obviously new.
  • A new supernatural Sim race : plant sims
  • Judging by the screenshot captured from the trailer of a few Sims engaged in some good ol fashioned ‘juice pong’, it seems the Sims can finally party hard with that all nectar they found in their parent’s basment.

The official trailer is below. On March 5th Zootgamer will have the most up to date news on the Sims 3 University Life with exclusive screenshots, videos, and a review. We will also work to bring the best mods for Sims 3 University to you first. Stay tuned for more Sims 3 information! 

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