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Saint Valentines Day : Gamer Romance Guide


What makes a video game great for a romantic date?
  1. Console games like PS3 and Xbox are easier to play when the players are sitting very close compared to two people trying to sit as close with laptops or worse, desktop computers.
  2. Intense action or shooting games with good story-lines combine the entertainment of a movie with the interaction of a game to keep things interesting all night long.
  3. Games with a lot of sexual situations that may embarrass or create feelings of awkwardness should probably be avoided.

Everyone likes games, some people just don’t know it yet. Read more and take the easy quiz below for help choosing the best game to play for your date’s personality type.

  • Valkyrie91

    I took the quiz and the outcome was (drum roll please) Diablo 3.
    The other games that were suggested Fat Princess, Team Fortress, Rockband, Guitar Hero.
    I will see if I can get him to play with me!