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Far Cry 3 Tips and Tricks Quick Guide

Get more out of Far Cry 3 with these tips and tricks:

* As soon as you’re able, start hunting for leathers needed to craft your available recipes. Read our
detailed Far Cry 3 crafting guide with a list of all available craft-able gear
recipes and their reagents. Read more below for ways on getting the most out of Far Cry 3 *

Some important craft-ables to
prioritize are :

+Loot Rucksack:
The bag you carry all your plants, leathers, and other loot in.
Crafting a lootbag unlocks a recipe for a bigger one.
+Ammo Space: Craft as
soon as possible, especially if you find yourself fast traveling back
to stores often to buy more pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, or
sniper rifle ammunition.
+Weapon Holster: Craft
the first weapon holster to unlock the ability to carry two weapons,
craft the next one to unlock three, and so on. Yes that’s right, you can
only carry one weapon the WHOLE game (other than grenades and other
throwables of course) if you don’t craft that holster, there’s no
way around it, so you better get to it.
+Wallet: You’ll find
yourself running out of wallet space quickly; upgrade your wallet.  In the meantime, it’s a good idea to spend that money on upgrades for the weapons you feel most comfortable with, body armor if you’re planning on taking over an outpost, or pretty gun paint if you’re a real baller.
+Quiver Size: Once you
have at least two weapons slots, the bow will be your indispensable
stealth weapon. (At least until you have the money for the nice
sniper rifle plus two attachments.)

*If none of the early skill points
seem useful to your play style, wait for more points and/or unlock
more by completing the storyline missions. *

You don’t need to select skills to
level up just because they’re the only ones available to you. It’s often wiser to focus on hunting and crafting while you have the time early
on in the game as it’ll make your life much easier later on. You should always avoid spending skill points on abilities you won’t take advantage of.

*As you upgrade your gear, take over outposts and climb towers. *

Climbing towers is easier in the beginning, and you’ll gain a huge chunk of visibility on the map which is always helpful. Just remember to stay stealthy, there’s usually rocky terrain to climb in order to reach the tower, and during this time you may be vulnerable as pirates drive through nearby roads.
Capturing an outpost can take time, and you’ll have to be the judge of whether or not you have the appropriate gear for taking on a post full of pirates in whatever difficulty you’re playing. If you find yourself getting frustrated and killed often. Consider these questions:
  • Are you sneaking in or rushing in head first? The latter is not recommended unless you’re very powerful, and/or invincible… neither of which must be true since you’re repeatedly dying. Even with more advanced weaponry, it’s not a good idea to Rambo an outpost, especially on Survivor or Warrior difficulty. It’s much more efficient to sneak in, as the game has many xp bonuses set up for stealthy kills. Snipers, silencers, and bows are your friend.
  • Do you have at minimum two weapon slots? If not, go skin a goat and make a simple Weapon Holster. It will be very difficult to kill all those pirates with one weapon because you will run out of ammunition quickly, two weapons allow for a greater flexibility for whatever situation comes your way. Mixing long and short or mid range weapons is best.
  • If all else fails, completing a story mission can help to improve your morale, and gain access to “that skill that will change everything”, making you that much more powerful.

*Get a bow as soon as you have
crafted a two-weapon holster *

Not only is the recursive bow powerful
for such an inexpensive weapon, but it is easy to handle5cre from
early on for novice first person shooter players, and a satisfying
experience for veterans alike. It is conveniently priced within the
limits of the first wallet available to you (<1000$)
A bow is a naturally silent weapon, so
no silencer will be necessary. The red dot attachment is great for
accurately hitting your target every single time.


*Hunting Tricks and Tips*


  • Any large carnivore should be shot with a shotgun or similar high damage close range weapon. As accurate as you are with a pistol or rifle, those bears and big cats can eat a few headshots before ripping your face off. You may be able to get away with a few perfectly placed arrows to the head before they fall at your feet because the bow has an unusually high amount of potential damage, especially for headshots, and it’s silent which can give you a precious few seconds to fire again before you are actually targeted.
  • The ‘Animal Repellent’ syringe can be crafted fairly early on and can be used to take down some of the most deadly animals on the island. Instead of fearing the wilderness because cheetahs, a quick application of repellent will allow you to chase and hunt them down while they run away from you incapable of attack. It’s fun when the hunter becomes the hunted!
  • The Path of the Hunter quests are important because they’re the only way to get the special leathers needed to craft the most powerful recipes. There’s also usually plenty of animals to hunt in the area, pirates are rarer site. Plus, it pays well.
Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

A lifelong gamer, master healer, and freelance writer that’s currently making a home of Florida. Follow her on Twitter @PuffTheHealer for the occasional game related rant. Click here to find her articles on Zootgamer.

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    I am currently playing Far Cry 3 on my Xbox 360. I am enjoying it so far, I am digging the franchise. I can not wait until I get up to number 4. Thanks!