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Can You Remember the Nintendo Classics Played By This Ragtimer? (Videos and free Sheet Music)


YouTuber and composer Keeper1st, also known as Ron O’Dell, sometimes features videos of musicians he has recorded playing his musical compositions. After stumbling across his friend Tom Brier, and his pieces featuring famous video game music, much of which he just sightread with no prior reading of the sheet music, your mind is blown.

When Brier played Snow Mountain Theme (or Cool Cool Mountain, or Slider, or Bob-omb Battlefield since they’re all the same song) it brought an instant feeling of nostalgia for Mario 64. When actually playing a game like Super Mario one hardly considers it’s music as of the ragtime genre at the time…some may consider it all “video game sounding music”, but hearing this extremely skilled pianist play was like sitting in a futuristic saloon with a beer in one hand and game controller in the other. Watch Tom Brier play Snow Mountain Theme and another Super Mario classic, the famous The Athlete’s Rag from the SNES air platform stage, with over a million views, originally composed by Koji Kondo (近藤浩治). He is quoted as saying before his first run through of the song, “It looks like a piece of cake.”, this is of course, before it’s suggested that he speeds it up a bit, what follows is a rewarding experience for any fan of retro Nintendo games.

It’s not all about Mario though, players of Pokemon Blue and Red may recognize the tune from the Game Corner video also featured, especially if they had agambling problem.

Videos of Tom Brier below, each with the accompanying link to download the sheet music by Ron O’Dell for free, is listed below. Check out more from the talented pair at O’Dells Youtube page.


Snow Mountain Theme (Mario)     |     Snow Mountain Theme piano sheet music

The Athlete’s Rag (Super Mario)     |     The Athlete’s Rag piano sheet music

Game Corner Theme (Pokemon Red/Blue)     |     Game Corner Theme piano sheet music


Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

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  • H3770

    This makes me so nostalgic. I remember all this music from playing games as a child. This is amazing. He is very talented.

  • Muso

    Tom Brier, where have you been all my life? He is seriously,one very skilled man.The Athlete’s Rag, being a piece of cake,wow. I would not know where to start.
    What an amazingly talented man.