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Best Sims 3 Downloads For The Picky Player – Vol 1

Having the perfect amount of downloads in your Sims game can be a tricky balancing act. Once you start collecting a few items it’s easy to get addicted to downloading, and the next thing you know you have a bloated Sims game that takes half an hour to fully load the Create-A-Sim screen.

We have compiled a list of some of the absolute must haves for Sims 3 clothes, item mods, and other downloads. For core mods and default/non default skin downloads, check out our list of the best Sims 3 core mods and our list of the most realistic Sims 3 skins.
Keep your Sims’ Mods folder slim and trim, while still having the best Sims experience you can possibly have with our top ten list below:
Click the download name to be taken directly to the download page, and click the picture to get a zoomed in view.
Download the Box of Seeds and in the Misc section of the storage items in Buy Mode you will now find a box that can be used to store you Sim’s plant-able seeds. Usually by default Sims use the best ingredients they have in the fridge, or in their inventory when cooking food. In most cases this is a good thing except for when you have a Sim that likes to garden, because then your Sims will automatically use their best harvested crop every time they prepare food, and when it comes time to plant a seed they will only have lower quality ones to plant, wasting both you and your Sim’s precious time. This download has an option to ‘Store Best Quality Seeds’ which would be extremely useful in situations like this.
As we all know the Sims is lacking in buyable items for children, the Sims 2 had so much more in that department. Lucky for you the children’s toys from the Sims 2 has been converted for the Sims 3, dolls, bears, action figures, toycars, and more…and they look so good you’re going to actually WANT to manage a house with 6 child Sims. By the way most of those toys above are recolorable.


You may be asking yourself why a single hair download would be listed in a list with other majorly necessary Sims downloads and the reason is simple: This is one of those hairstyles you didn’t realize you needed so bad until you see it on your own Sim. It really is unfortunate that the Sims is so lacking in curly hair styles, especially for men, because you will find yourself using this basic style for every other male Sim you create. It really is a beautiful hair mesh that is both completely original and very high quality.
Similar to the Box of Seeds, this is another box your Sim can buy to make organizing your Sim’s inventory that much easier. Instead of seeds however this box is used to store gems and metals. You can also BUY gems and metals by interacting with the box.



This is a custom Sims 3 world created by Pyronium 3 at Mod the Sims and it is just gorgeous. It’s hard to find a good Sims 3 custom world because they usually require an annoying amount of custom content, the routing is messed up, or it just doesn’t work right. This city, inspired by Egypt is complete with pyramids and lots of sand. Lots of sand. A major plus is that the city comes fully populated, the Sims each have their own description, and it requires NO custom content to download and play. What more can you ask for in a custom neighborhood?
You may be starting to notice a pattern in this list, items that hold commodities like gems, seeds, rocks, etc are pretty important. One of the more annoying parts of the game is when you’re a few generations in with a family and your Sim has too much…stuff. This download comes with both a Collector’s Shelf and a Collector’s Rack. Both items can be bought in Buy Mode and will provide your Sim with a lot more space to hold their little items, while giving the house some much needed realistic ‘organized clutter’.



The title is self explanatory but you probably had to do a double take when you read it. Yes, your Sims can now smoke…yes, unfortunately there is only a download for cigarettes and nothing ELSE to smoke but it’s a step closer. Your Sim can now buy a back of real working cigarettes, and will really pull one out when they are bored, feel the effects of nicotine, and will also become hopelessly addicted with continued constant use. I like to buy a bunch of packs for my Sim and then sell them all at the Consignment store, the neighborhood townie Sims will buy them up like candy *evil laugh*. One of the best realistic Sims downloads available so far, would someone please use this download and create a marijuana joint mesh with the appropriate effects?



This is a game modifications that does a ton of good, adding a bunch of new realistic interactions you’ve never thought of but have always needed. A few useful interactions added with this mod include: ‘Cancel/Apply for School bus/Carpool’, ‘Socialize’, ‘Go To Bed With’, ‘Ask To Be Trained’, and ‘Work Overtime’. There are also a bunch of useful alterations and fixes for some of the existing Sims 3 interactions: ‘Dance Together’ now gains Fun for the target Sim as well, groups do not automatically form by using the ‘Go Here With…” interaction, and there are many more listed in the documentation for the download.


Choose from ten new custom sliders for the breast, waist, hip size, butt, head size, shoulder, neck, calf, leg width and chest of your Sim. Add realism to your game with Sim body shapes that are not cookie cutter. Another nice feature of this download is that if you increase the value of the male’s ‘breast slider’ you will see no visible change but it can affect the male Sim’s offspring.
Stay tuned for the next volume of The Best Sims 3 Downloads For The Picky Player, and have fun with these crazy mods until then.

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Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

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    Hi, I just saw the article about Dr.Who mods. Can I use these mods with the Dr.Who mods?
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    I would love to see a Marijuana mod on the Sims. I wonder if anyone will make one…
    If anyone is aware of on,can you supply the link.
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    These are all really great. Thank you for sharing all these fantastic mods!
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