Best Realistic Sims 3 Skins (Default and Non-Default)

Each of these Sims 3 skins come in default and non default versions, and are both beautiful and realistic. Anatomically correct as well. To compliment your newly attractive Sims read our popular realistic core game modifications and scripts download guide: Ten Essential Sims 3 Mods

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The skin version A is good for Sims you want to make with defined eyelids. B is great for most Sims. C is a much less defined eyelid and is good for making Asian eyes.



A full family of “doll white” skin. Slider can be used to make Sims more or less pigmented as normal. Nice shading especially in the collarbone area.



Pictured above is the glam version with a perfectly waxed body and golden rich person complexion. There’s also a “natural and wild” version, and a south asian inspired skin.
Only one screenshot was included for the last skin because the other images to choose from had so much more penis and vag in it than the other pictures. But rest assured because all of the skins included in this list are anatomically correct and on the cutting edge of Sims 3 realism.

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