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Best Fun Games To Play Blazed

Did you ever notice how much harder it is to learn a complex game you have never played before when you’re super high?

It is best to play a complicated new game you have no experience with moderately high instead of super high to save yourself time and stored patience.

There are however some games that are usually safe to learn to play (l2p) no matter how blazed you are.

Action and fighting games are usually top picks for this, like:

Go play Sonic.

  • JaytheGray

    Were you high writing this? I was waiting for an exhaustive list and it just says Sonic?
    I think any Pokemon is fun to play high. You freak out when a wild Pokemon jumps out from the grass.

  • Casual_Gamer

    Can I suggest “Weedfirm: Replanted”. It is hilarious, especially the random aliens! The only issue is I would prefer to buy more equipment, like lights and ballasts etc..
    What are your thoughts?